All Hail Christ – Worship CD for 2014-2015

Excited to announce our newest worship CD for Hope College 2014-2015.

As an exercise in gratitude here is a list of all of the people at Hope College that were involved in some way in the making, production, and execution of this CD.

Trygve Johnson, Grace Claus, Bruce Benedict, Lori Bouwman

Tech Team:
Katie Brudos, Abbie Harlow, Meagan Wylie, Ellee Banaszak, Delaney Seeburger, Emma Donahoe, Hailey Fairchild, Anna Holz, Courtney Myers, David Rak, Kristen Kettler

Team Y:
Catherine Liang, Kelsey Marie King, Sarah Carpenter, Zach Zandbergen, Andrew Borror, Tomas Brvenik, Mitch Conrad

Team X:
Elly Vanderzouwen, Maddie Scott, Christian Roberts, Aaron Goodyke, Izaac Arendsen, Lane Ellens, Steve Holm

String Quartet:
Madalyn Navis (’18): violin, Cameron Holder (’15): violin, Chris Waechter (’15): Viola, Mac Watson (’15): cello

Production: (not already listed above)
Paul Chamness, Ben Oegema, Christina Streeter,

Chapel Choir:

Aaron Goodyke, Alex Knowles,Alexandra Leppek, Alicia Schubert, Andrew Neevel, Benjamin Zaccaria, Callahan Davenport, Collin Wassilak ,Daniel Sullivan,Elijah Nykamp ,Emilie Bickel ,Federica Guccini ,Grace Bridges ,Hope Hancock, James Fixx, Jamie Steinman,Jared Duimstra, Jonathan Bading, Kathryn Krieger ,Katie Ricks ,Kira Alsum ,Lane Ellens,Laura VanOss,Lillian Boyd ,Mallory Lectka, Margaret Walter ,Mason Yoder, Matthew Tallman ,Maxwell Tustin ,Nicolette DeSantis ,Nola Tolsma ,Patrick Patton ,Rebecca Flinker ,Rosemary Walsh, Samantha Klokkert , Samuel Horsch, Sarah Peterson ,Shinnosuke Kondo, Stephen Talaga ,Taylor Mills,Thomas Marine,


New Songs for 2014-2015

Here is a list of new songs we are working on for 2014-2015

A Prayer to the Trinity / Peters Branch
Bless the Lord / Integrity
Found in You / Vertical Church Band
Give Me Faith / Elevation Worship
God of Our Salvation / Phil Wickham
Great is the Lord / Elevation Worship
Hallelujah / The Digital Age
How Great Thou Art / Resonate Church
Mystery of Faith / The Crossings
O God of Our Salvation / Boswell – villagechurch
Rising Sun / All Sons and Daughters
There is a Kingdom / Laura Story
We Unite / Elevation Worship
Mercy Reigns / Elevation Worship
Light a Fire / The Royal Royals